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Steph's Journal
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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002
2:43 am
Why do you have to be such a jackass
Ok I would like to say one thing before I start..This site is being a bitch. Now I would like to make fun of Ashley (people that know me know who I am talkin about, and you know how much I like her). Well I got her profile from a person (I will not say who) but I got it and it said this. (This is word from word, copy and past is a gift from god).

Some helpful tips.. About me...
*If suicide is a drug, I'm an addict...
*For evey ten words you say about me, i got one for you, *Jealousy*.
*Save a tree! Eat a beaver!
*People like you are the reason People like me need medication!!
*We Are All Prisoners Here Of Our Own Device.-Eagles,'Hotel California'
*You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because you're all the Same.
*Fu** it all,Fu** this world,Fu** everything You stand for,Don't
belong,Don't Exsist,Don't give a sh*t, Don't ever Judge me ...-Slipknot as
said by Vinny
Joey: What am I gonna do without you?? I love you(hottie)! *hug* (bff)
Vinny: Things will get better i promise, thanxs for everything,Give
yourself more credit, you deserve so much more than you have. I love you.
o, yeah, and CALL ME!
Nicole: Coco!!! Don't Worry I love you! mwahz!! P.S. you have sparklys
on uz shirt! (p.s. your sexi, ur cute..)

P.S. Vinny:
I still think ur hott lol......

1.you did not come up with any of that shit (you got it off of books and out of hot topic)"

2.they are suck ass lines

3.People like YOU are the reason People like ME need medication

4.you are not different you are the same as everyone else in this world cuz you only act like this so you can be liked (it did not work)

5.you ever fuckin quote Slipknot I will rip you apart, Ill reach in and take a bite out of that shit you call a hart.

6. Do not come up to me and say that you know more about one of my best friends then I do...cuz there is no fuckin way that you do "the only thing you know about him is...thats all youll ever know"

7.There is no way in hell that kayla will ever like you so just stop fuckin asking me! And are you tha big of a damne ass tha you think that kay is a poser.

8.you fuckin tell his mom that he did not do is schoolwork; you think that he is going to fuckin call you.

9.stop trying to be like other people and be your own fuckin person you poser

10.STOP FUCKIN Talkin TO ME!!!!

11.Jealous, Jealous, no one in this fuckin world could ever be Jealous
Of someone that does not even be them self::poser poser::.

12.::looks at screen and laughs:: Save a tree! Eat a beaver! What the fuck is that about! ::laughing so hard starts to cry::

13.*We Are All Prisoners Here Of Our Own Device.-Eagles,'Hotel California' ::still laughin:: what the fuck is that about

14.do you just like people b\c of the way they look. you seem to think that everyone that you give a shoutout is hott or sexy or as you would but it a hottie ::thinks in head "I pray that I never say that"::

15.oh one other thing what you can't write the fuckin word fuck you have to put f**k. are you going to go to hell if you write it right. oh god forbid

16. i am a big-sister to your boyfriend. yes the roomers are ture you have a boyfriend. (i am going to start t act lik his sister right now) If i see you Fuckin hagin around, on, holdin jon's hand will tell him. if he dose not belive me then i will just have to show him the pic of you and jon in D.C. so to sum it up stay the fuck away form Jon. by the way i did not like you to start with but i don't know way my brother likes you, so i will back off. Till you Fuck up.. cuz i know you will. have a nice day::thinks in head BITCH::


18.so wake up out of this little fantasy dream that you have, stop making a god damn fool out of yourself and continue your way down the yellow brick road you ridiculous midget fucking leprechaun.

18.do not fuckin say one goddamn thing about a grate band such as Slipknot if you can not back yourself up. You quoting them is what made me mad and made me write this. I have wanted to say this for so long.


Current Mood: amused
Sunday, March 31st, 2002
9:57 pm
Miss you
Im braking. The pane that is in your hart goes in to mine. I feel that you are my blood and that I would do anything to help you, I would die for you.

Kayla you have opened my eyes to the world, you have shown me what it is like to feel, be free and just to let go and not to care about what other people think. Thanks to you I now know what it is like to be me and not something people think is right. We have had some dark days in the short time that we have been together but have gotten though them. You have been there when my life is shit and I dont know what I would do without you. So as your Sister of Darkness I think that I have right to say this, get over it, move on in your life. Do not look back in your life look at what is to come. I know how it feels to have people not give a shit about you. I lost about 15 people in 7th grade. I saw that there was more to life then what I had. All of the people that I thought would be there for me no matter what happened in my life, I thought that they would look past what music I liked or who I started to chill with; that they would not mind the way I dressed. But they did and you know what happened, they do not talk to me anymore, there call me a freak when I pass them. Do not think that you are alone in this one; many people have lost people that they thought would stay with them forever. It does not always go the way you want. So do not think that it is because you are week or that you do not know how to keep a friend. You have so many people in this world that care for you and that think of you as more of a family member then there own family. Do not dwell on the people that are small minded that think that it is fun to play with someone that cares for them. You have to stop shutting the people that want to help you out and tell them tell me for fucks sake what the hell is going on. Every time I try you push me away. I dont hate you or think that the are the most irritating thing in this world, if I did you think I would being trying to help you, trying to see what I can do so that I do not have to see you in pane. I miss going over your house and just talking till 6:30 we have not done that in so long and every time I try you sit there and say I dont feel like it or just say nothing. I know that you need time but you have had plenty of it. You have to get over this. If you need help you know that I am here for you no matter what happens. I cant see you like this anymore and you just cant stay in the dark by yourself. You are my best friend, my sister, and

Current Mood: lonely
Saturday, March 30th, 2002
8:28 pm
Tuesday, March 26th, 2002
12:53 pm

Which Bring It On! Character Are You? by savesthegirl

Dear God

Current Mood: amused
Monday, March 11th, 2002
8:00 pm
Role model
Role model: a person that you can look up to and be inspired by. (dictionary said)
Role model: a person that thinks is better then you, and the way you want to be poser( I said)

A role model I have never had one of these. I dont see way anyone would want one. Oh here you go Steph trying to make a point. Anyway, for me a role model or to look up to someone Its like say to yourself that you want to be better then what you are. You should not be the way you are you should be something you are not; try to be like your Mom, Dad, Sister and sometimes even a friend. Well I would not be talking about this if there is not a point to it. It is just that I have been thought a lot in the last three years, I am not trying to make you feel bad for (I hate when people do that) but in these last three years I went for being every ones friend to mainly staying to just close friend. Best friend ones that I can always turn to one that will never think badly of me or go around telling me that I am a freak. There are a selected few that I will never forget ones that I think of as family more then just best friends, I know that they know who they are, so I will not point them out. They are the ones that helped me the most when the friends that once thought of me as a sister turned away and ran. Wows really get off what I wanted to say! Ok back to the point. Ah role models I have been think about this a lot for the past weeks or so; more in the last few days. See I dont know why people keeping tell me that they are my role models and that I look up to them some dont even know me that well, well they think they do but they dont. To tell you the truth I dont look up to anyone. I think that is being a poser that you are trying to be something no someone you are not. Someone told me that I look up to him or her the other day and it really got to me because I dont. Dont get the wrong idea I do think that him or her is very good at being them but in no way, shape, or form do I want to be like him or her. I do love them and I will do anything for them. I hope that this person knows how they are and that they will see that I love them but I am also just being me not anyone else. Now I know there will be people that will read this and say what a crock of shit it will just prove that they dont know me and they should keep there fuckin mouth shut and let me be. There will be people that will read this and know what I am talking about they are the ones that know me for who I am.

Current Mood: mellow
Friday, March 8th, 2002
11:44 pm
oh yes

You are Lestat. The Brat Prince of Vampires. You're great and you know it.

Find your inner vampire.

hey hey i'll kill you

Current Mood: annoyed
Saturday, February 23rd, 2002
7:57 pm
Oh God Kill Me Now
ok ok ok if you think that The Queen Of The Damend movie did not rap that book then you are the biggest ass.

ok i went ad saw that movie if you can call it that last night with kayla and her bro. ok not even a sec into it me and kayla where cry cuz of the way the fuckin stuart townsend was talking.god i it was so funny. you know what i am going to go though the whole movie.

ok lestat did not come out of a coffin in the book he was under a house in New Orleans but it was cool how he had te violin n his hand. oh then he went in to the room where the band was playing and he just started singing ad they let him right in. no that is not how it happened. what was wiht tryin to pass of marius as lestat's maker. Magnus was Lestat's maker and when they made marius and Lestat have that nice happy time you know that time when Marius was showing Lestat how to do everything, it made what lestat said in I.W.T.V you know when he said that his make told him nothing. it made that hole part mean nothng.
That part when Marius went to go see Lestat in he's big fuck house what was with that joke that Lestat said to Marius oh what was it "how dd you ever go though the 1950 in a red velvet coat" ok Lestat was in a hole in the 1950. David Talbot looked like he was in his late 30 when he was like 70 in the book. one of the pest parts of the book was not even ion the story, The short Happy Life of Baby Janks and The Fang Gang. Pandora was not even in the movie for more then 10 min when she has a whole chapter in the book and she dies at the end of the fuckin movie. Armand was not in the movie for more then 10 min and he look like that ass from Titanic. ok i have to go now so i will just have to bitch more later. But to sum it all up Queen of the Damned suck so much ass. the only good part about the whole movie was the concert and see Jonathan Davis for like 10 sec ( oh i love him) and getting to here his voice come out f Lestat.

Current Mood: bitchy
Saturday, February 16th, 2002
7:39 pm
and they don't know why i am the way i am
well today was fun fun fun, well at lest up to about 20 min ago. i will start from the morning. i got up and started to clean my room and when that got boring as all hell i went and called my best bud kayla. who was ever ever happy meaning that she was jumping up and down at everything i said. o o o ready i will put this hole thing in to a fanfiction thing. cuz you know i am a rock star.

"Steph,Steph you have to come over there are playing all of these vampire movies. you have to come over!!!"kayla said as she ran back into her room and jumped on her bed

i rolled my eyes "i will be over in a few min!" i put the phone down and went to go tell my mom that i was going over kay's.i walked in to the the kitchen to see her cleaning ever-thing.(what an ass)

"mom i am going to o over kayla's i will be back"

"oh i will dive you, you just have to wait till my cake (that i have not even put in to the oven yet) is dun!!!"

ok ok i have been walkin to kayla's house for the past year. now she is goin to stop me, what the fuck and they think that i am the one on drugs. fuckin ass. so we got in to a little fight about it and i had to get in the car with that fuckin ho and ride to kayla's. when i got there i found the great one in her room in the dark looking at the poor duky's on the tv(the vampires). me and her always just chill in her room and do nothing. so we did nothing but look at tv and then go up and she eat her diner then it was time for me to go. i saw my sister's head go up in the window so i went to go let her in to the house so you know he would not be cold. so she came in and i went to go get my DVD that kayla has had for like ever and i had to yell at her to get it back (funny, good stuff hahahah)any way then we went back in to her room so i come get my stuff and then back out to the car where my fuckin ass of dad was all pissed off a nothin. even before i got i to the car he was yelling at me.

"steph what is this you go to the door and then bring alex in to show off!" (ok it is not my house so what is there to show off)"and you never say thank you to me, you know i just picked your sister up from work and now i came to pick you up and you have to stay in the house, and i have to sit here on a hill. you know you should start to think smart! put the chips away you know that we are going to go home and eat diner noe put them away!"

ok ok ok what the fuck he just went and picked my sister up at work in port jeff you know that is like 7 min away from my house really far. oh god you are on a hill go cry about it you fag,what the shit is his fuckin prob god i hate him. and i should start to think smart would you like my to be out side for another 60 min waiting for your ass to come and pick me up.oh yeah i forgot to tell you they were going to come and pick me up a 6:00 but they did not show till 7:00 and they did not tell me this. and then what the fuck you told me not to eat anything b/c we were going to eat when we got home they a fuck bag of chips that were not even haf way full.
so no one talked on the way home and when we got home to make me cry even more then i was my mom came up and started to say shit about the way i look. so i think that my dad started to think smart when he started no, no tryed to get me to talk to him which did not work i just look at him and walked away and i ave been in the darkness this room.

god ok and my dad never yelled at me last year you know when i was the priss of all prisses. just when i became the freak that i am now did he start you be such a fuckin asshole that he is. they think that yelling at me will make me back to that thing i was. what the fuck. and they can't seem to see why i got to kayla's every day and why i never talk to them and why i am always in my room in the dark with the music as high as it can go.


Current Mood: crushed
Friday, February 1st, 2002
7:19 pm
Why Queen Of The Damned will SUCK SO MUCH ASS
ok i just was sitng down to wach some tv when i see tis hing for queen of the damned and i looked at it and it made be cry b/c it is goin to SUX SO MUCH ASS

1.Lestat has blond hair
2.Jonathan Davis is now not doin the roc music for it
3.They are puting both "The Vampire Lestat and Queen Of the Damned" in tothe same movie b/c they fucked up the ending to I.V.W.V so they had to chang it
4.i don't think that they are goin to put the best part of the book in there( the part about Baby Jenks ad the fang gang.
5.They are also trying to pass off Marius as Lestat's maker
6. Ok Akaska skin is wite as sw and yeah she is black in the movie twhat the hll is that
7. the stry line is all fucked up
8. it is not the queen of the damned any more it really is hell on earth
9. it has no stars in it so they are goin to all suck at the parts

Current Mood: crazy
Thursday, January 31st, 2002
9:01 pm
Kay will got out with mike
XxxSlipknoT69x: you goin?
GettoGoth13: do you know who this is
XxxSlipknoT69x: kayla
GettoGoth13: no
XxxSlipknoT69x: you just said you were
GettoGoth13: the one that you can never think of
GettoGoth13: no no no
GettoGoth13: i asked if you knew her
XxxSlipknoT69x: i see
GettoGoth13: here i will help you the you that did like meinem but not any more
GettoGoth13: oh fuck i suck at writing so don't yell
XxxSlipknoT69x: uuuhhh, can you rephrase that
GettoGoth13: k
GettoGoth13: i am the one who liked eminem
XxxSlipknoT69x: ooooohhh
GettoGoth13: good job, well we want to know if you were goin b/c we are goin to try to get there sometime this weekend
XxxSlipknoT69x: okey
GettoGoth13: fun
XxxSlipknoT69x: i got purdy hair now
GettoGoth13: why what did you do
XxxSlipknoT69x: i dyed it
GettoGoth13: oh god that must look so cool
XxxSlipknoT69x: i dyed it burgundy
GettoGoth13: do you still have it in ........................ what you call it
XxxSlipknoT69x: yeah
GettoGoth13: oh i have to see that
XxxSlipknoT69x: i dont wear it in a ponytail anymore, so i got some massive fluff going
GettoGoth13: poor duky
XxxSlipknoT69x: meh
GettoGoth13: so...... what have we missed at the mall
GettoGoth13: we have not been there in like three weeks
XxxSlipknoT69x: catfight, new security tactics, new hang out spot, and the candy store closed
GettoGoth13: fuck the candy store closed
GettoGoth13: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nnnnnnnnno i am crying
XxxSlipknoT69x: meh
GettoGoth13: what is the new hang out spot
XxxSlipknoT69x: well when it get late in the day, the other food court enterance
GettoGoth13: ok why ?
XxxSlipknoT69x: security is being a bitch
GettoGoth13: god i hate them
XxxSlipknoT69x: yeah well me and big mac are cool with them so we get special treatment
GettoGoth13: thats cuz you live there
XxxSlipknoT69x: sssshhhhhh
GettoGoth13: hahaha
GettoGoth13: hey hey now
XxxSlipknoT69x: if you dont want me making eminem jokes, i suggest you stop
GettoGoth13: well um.... fuck you and i am not that big of an eminem fan anymore. i am more of a really big korn fan
GettoGoth13: so ha
XxxSlipknoT69x: oh, so ya came to your senses eh?
GettoGoth13: hey i still like him but i would not stop you from makin jokes so yeah i ahve come to my senses
GettoGoth13: you come to yours
XxxSlipknoT69x: what senses?
GettoGoth13: fuckin i.c.p shit
XxxSlipknoT69x: hey dont hate the clowns woman
XxxSlipknoT69x: ill have to eat you
GettoGoth13: they suck
XxxSlipknoT69x: you suck
GettoGoth13: i hate you
GettoGoth13: so........ what you been up to
XxxSlipknoT69x: your momma!
GettoGoth13: y the hell would you want to talk about that bitch
XxxSlipknoT69x: shes cool, she doesnt tell me that icp sucks so :-P
GettoGoth13: hey hey i sry
GettoGoth13: i take back
XxxSlipknoT69x: mm hmm
GettoGoth13: hey you have a girlfriend
GettoGoth13: cuz if you don't i know one for you
XxxSlipknoT69x: who
GettoGoth13: do you have one
XxxSlipknoT69x: nope
GettoGoth13: well what do you think of kayla
XxxSlipknoT69x: shes cool
GettoGoth13: well then
XxxSlipknoT69x: is that who you had in mind?
GettoGoth13: yes
XxxSlipknoT69x: not gonna happen, shes 3 years younger than me, its just creepy
GettoGoth13: you ass so
XxxSlipknoT69x: well look at it from your point of view, would you date a 10 year old?
GettoGoth13: yes
GettoGoth13: god you r saying the samething she said
XxxSlipknoT69x: yeah, so that means theres probably something wrong with such a difference in age
GettoGoth13: three years
XxxSlipknoT69x: whens her bday?
GettoGoth13: feb
XxxSlipknoT69x: so shes gonna be 14 soon?
GettoGoth13: yes
XxxSlipknoT69x: hmmmmmmm
GettoGoth13: see see and you are so good together
XxxSlipknoT69x: what grade is she in?
GettoGoth13: y
XxxSlipknoT69x: because this info is required
GettoGoth13: what r you in
XxxSlipknoT69x: i asked first
GettoGoth13: hey hey hey be a good boy and say it
XxxSlipknoT69x: 11th
GettoGoth13: 9th
XxxSlipknoT69x: its becoming more interseting
GettoGoth13: see see
XxxSlipknoT69x: interesting*
GettoGoth13: see good then
XxxSlipknoT69x: hhmmmmm
GettoGoth13: are you gay is that the thing here ]
XxxSlipknoT69x: doubt it
GettoGoth13: lol
XxxSlipknoT69x: has kayla dated anyone my age before?
GettoGoth13: she dated an 18
GettoGoth13: and a 16
XxxSlipknoT69x: ill give it thought
GettoGoth13: yes
GettoGoth13: so........... what have you been doing
XxxSlipknoT69x: iv been makin some serious cash
GettoGoth13: doin what
XxxSlipknoT69x: burning cds and selli nthem
GettoGoth13: hahahaha i like you
XxxSlipknoT69x: heh?
GettoGoth13: that is a good why fo makeing cash
GettoGoth13: i like what you did ass
XxxSlipknoT69x: ok
GettoGoth13: god
XxxSlipknoT69x: yes, i am god
GettoGoth13: haha
GettoGoth13: no
XxxSlipknoT69x: god orders you to give him 5 dollars
GettoGoth13: if ihad it i would give it
GettoGoth13: brb
XxxSlipknoT69x: k
GettoGoth13: alright then
XxxSlipknoT69x: yaaaaawn
GettoGoth13: sleepy
GettoGoth13: or do you just not like me
XxxSlipknoT69x: yeah
XxxSlipknoT69x: aside for the whole eminem thing, i think youre pretty cool
GettoGoth13: y thank you
XxxSlipknoT69x: welcum
GettoGoth13: are you goin to remeber the name
XxxSlipknoT69x: what name
GettoGoth13: my name
XxxSlipknoT69x: your name is kayla too?
GettoGoth13: god
GettoGoth13: no
XxxSlipknoT69x: i dont think you ever told me your name
GettoGoth13: how many time have i seen and talked to you
XxxSlipknoT69x: twice
GettoGoth13: fine fine fine
GettoGoth13: my name is steph
XxxSlipknoT69x: okey
XxxSlipknoT69x: im not promising anything, i suck with names
GettoGoth13: don't think about it
XxxSlipknoT69x: i wont
GettoGoth13: lol
GettoGoth13: hahahaha funny
GettoGoth13: no i am just an as
GettoGoth13: ass*
XxxSlipknoT69x: yup, you deffinately are
GettoGoth13: hey hey ui know
GettoGoth13: i* fuck
XxxSlipknoT69x: easy there killer, im kidding
GettoGoth13: lol
XxxSlipknoT69x: so, hows about giving god a dollar?
GettoGoth13: ummmmmmmmm.no
XxxSlipknoT69x: bits
GettoGoth13: haha
XxxSlipknoT69x: so, how badly does kayla want my sexiness?
GettoGoth13: well
GettoGoth13: i really don't know
GettoGoth13: she does not talk about you like that but i think that you to would b good for each other
GettoGoth13: and she does talk about you lie every min
XxxSlipknoT69x: but we never see each other
GettoGoth13: oh don't tell about this hole thing
GettoGoth13: but that can all chang wiht help form me cuz all of my friend now have got there cars
XxxSlipknoT69x: coo
GettoGoth13: see you like her don't you
GettoGoth13: were do you live anyway
XxxSlipknoT69x: holtsville
GettoGoth13: where the hell it that
XxxSlipknoT69x: by medford
GettoGoth13: oh right then
XxxSlipknoT69x: where does y'alls live?
GettoGoth13: miller place
GettoGoth13: and sound beach
XxxSlipknoT69x: where the f is that?
GettoGoth13: you know wee port jeff is
GettoGoth13: were*
XxxSlipknoT69x: yeah
GettoGoth13: well we are the every small and wheni say small it is small town next to it
XxxSlipknoT69x: i see
GettoGoth13: how
XxxSlipknoT69x: that isnt all that far
GettoGoth13: no
GettoGoth13: it like 15minaway
XxxSlipknoT69x: mm hmm
GettoGoth13: 15min away
XxxSlipknoT69x: you said that
GettoGoth13: never minde
GettoGoth13: gess who i am talkin to
XxxSlipknoT69x: jesus?
GettoGoth13: yep
XxxSlipknoT69x: ooooohh, im good!
GettoGoth13: your such an ass
XxxSlipknoT69x: takes one to know one, ass
GettoGoth13: thank you
GettoGoth13: :-*
XxxSlipknoT69x: waht was that for?
GettoGoth13: i don't know
GettoGoth13: need to go up wach smakdown
XxxSlipknoT69x: ok
GettoGoth13: well
GettoGoth13: i don't know if will be goint to the mall we might not have i ride but i will talk later
GettoGoth13: :-D

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, January 29th, 2002
10:41 pm
Fuck what the hell
Holy fuck ,my sister is being the bigest ass right now she is talking. well you know what i will go over the hole thing.

she just got home and i had to tell her somethng allday. i was abotu this "boy" thug in school that likes me or something. so i thought that that was realy funny. so i said yeah he is the one that chills with the preps (the ones that call me a freak) and he does jack about it so i said that he was an ass.so then she look at me and said well you sjould not do that you know, that is just like them callin you a freak, you don't even know this kid.
fuck i know this kid as much as i would like to know this kid.
so then i said that she did not know what is it like. and she looked at me and said " i don't know what it is like, you have no idea what i did in NCR" oh yeah i kno that being loved by every one is such a hart braking thing for you. god now se is being such a bitch. she doesn't know how it feels to walk down a hallway with everyone lookin at you and say crao about what you are wereing. shehas no fuck idea what the hellshe is talkin about. god not to sound like i wan to be i kayla or anything but she has mike. he has the same thng goin on in hes life and me and alex
well......... sheis the home-coming queen and i am the one that my family like to look at... (freak)

Current Mood: depressed
Saturday, January 26th, 2002
12:48 am
Kayla's over. She just helped me make this. We're probably gonna go watch Urban Legends now...she says it really corny but its entertaining. I'll take her word for it.

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